We started Paws of Gold Kennel about seventeen years ago as a hobby with the intention of providing Golden Retrievers to be trained as service dogs to help the handicapped.  We are a very small backyard operation and have only bred ten litters in fifteen years with our current litter being the first in two years.  We had our first litter in 1998 and have had eleven including our litter planned in October 2015.

We work with C.H.A.M.P. Inc. (Canine Helpers Allow More Possibilities) and we have provided them many puppies free of charge.  C.H.A.M.P. takes a puppy and puts it in a puppy home for six months where it gets all its basic training. It then goes to a women’s prison where it receives more training. It learns to retrieve, turn on the lights, and much, much, more. The puppy could stay at the prison for a year or more. This process also helps the women inmates in developing personal pride and a sense of responsibility and purpose for their eventual return to productive society.  

The puppy (now a late adolescent) then goes into its final stage where it is trained with a disabled person who is in need of the special help a service dog provides. Finally the dog goes in the home situation with the disabled person. The service dog does whatever the new owner needs it to do for their special needs.

C.H.A.M.P.  cannot work with many puppies from the same litter and we defray most of our costs by offering the rest for sale.  My husband and I raise our dogs in one of our bedrooms. We have had many learning experiences along the way and I think that has made us better breeders. They are whelped in a large birthing bed or “whelping box” and stay there until they are ready to leave mama. We teach them to go outside at the age of four and a half weeks. They are taken to a door and set outside four or five times a day. If an owner gets one of my puppies and does the same they can be housebroken in just a matter of a couple of weeks. We microchip all of our puppies. Our puppies receive their first puppy shot and de-worming. They are taken to see a vet at least twice while they are with us. They are checked to see if there are any problems before they leave our home. 

The current litter is out of Ginny and Aaron Kincer's Champion Sire Owling's Designed by Signature or "Calvin", and our Moonstruck Bella Grace or “Bella”.  Cal is a champion and has many champions in his pedigree.  Bella has not shown, but has many champions in her pedigree.  Both have all desired OFA and CERF clearances for eyes, heart, hips, and elbows.

If you are interested in more information about our puppies or availability you may contact us at 636-668-6456 or email us at sirdoodles@aol.com.  We do not ship our dogs. We are located in Foley, MO which is a rural community in the St. Louis, MO area.

We have a litter of seven on the ground as of 10/17/2015, however, all pups have homes already. 

Enjoy the photos! 

Shirl and Stan



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Bella in her Whelping Box


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